TensorGrip A30N

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TensorGrip A30N

TensorGrip A30N is a non-flammable high performance industrial spray pressure sensitive adhesive formulated for applications where retained tackiness is required.

TensorGrip A30N is designed for bonding porous substrates such as foam in the aerospace industry.

  • Adhere wood, laminate and more to foam, fabric and porous substrates
  • Bond difficult substrates such as polyethylene film
  • Generalbonding

TensorGrip A30N Benefits

  • Single or two-sided application
  • Indefinite open time
  • Aggressive tack
  • No ODS (Ozone Depleting Substances)
  • Qualifies for LEED®-NC & CI EQ Credit 4.4: laminating adhesives shall contain no urea formaldehyde resins
  • OTC Compliant

TensorGrip A30N Directions For Use

  • This product is designed to be applied to one of the surface of the substrates to be bonded together. Make sure that surfaces are clean, dry and free from dirt, dust, oil, loose paint, wax or grease, etc. For best results, the temperature of the adhesive and the surfaces being bonded should be between 60 degrees F – 80 degrees F (16degrees C – 27 degrees C).
  • Use with adequate ventilation. When possible we recommend shaking the canister well before using. Attach and secure hose tightly onto the spray gun with required tip. Attach the other end of the hose onto the canister. Make sure the hose-valve connections are securely tight. Open the valve on the canister slowly and fully, check for leaks during this process. Unlock the trigger on the spray gun to start spraying.
  • Prior to use, Check compatibility by spraying a small test patch of the adhesive on the substrate. This product may degrade some substrates. Spray about 10-20 cm (4” – 8”) away at a 90 degree angle to the surface, applying a uniform, even coat of adhesive to obtain 80% to 100% coverage of the surface. If necessary, spray another coat of adhesive in areas that appear to need more adhesive. Spray onto the more non porous surface. Allow the adhesive to flash off and become tacky.
  • Adhere surfaces and press together with adequate pressure. Although this product will give sufficient bond results immediately the full cure is 24 hours.

Canister Storage / Change Over

  • Turn valve on canister into the off position, spray out remaining adhesive left in the hose, disconnect the spray hose and gun from the canister.
  • Reconnect the spray hose to a canister of cleaning solvent (sold separately) and spray out until liquid is clear which indicates that the hose and gun is clean.
  • If you choose to leave the hose and spray gun on the canister, leave the valve on the canister open. Do not disconnect the hose/gun from the canister.
  • Close and lock the spray gun.

TensorGrip X41 Kick Off Kit

TensorGrip Kick Off Kits are available for first time customers only. An example of the supplied kit is shown within the image gallery above. Only first time customers are eligible to receive a one off FREE kit. As soon as your online order has been placed your details will be cross referenced with our database of existing registrants. Once validated a free kit will be supplied with your Canister or Jumbo order of TensorGrip A30N. Kick Off Kits are also available to purchase separately via our online store.


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