TensorGrip H45

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TensorGrip H45

TensorGrip® H45 was developed to create high performance bonds between KINGSPAN® KoolTherm Insulation Panels and metal ductwork, or any other substrate in which KoolTherm is to be used. The H45 has very high tack enabling users to bond KoolTherm successfully in the most demanding applications in which this type of insulation panel is used. Although the H45 has a very tacky nature, when the adhesive is cured the bond line is extremely resilient and tough ensuring lifelong performance. The H45 sprays in a consistent web spray pattern, which is highly controllable when using the professional spray gun along with the Lechler tip.

Kick Off Kit:

TensorGrip Kick Off Kits are available for first time customers only. An example of the supplied kit is shown within the image gallery above. Only first time customers are eligible to receive a one off FREE kit. As soon as your online order has been placed your details will be cross referenced with our database of existing registrants. Once validated a free kit will be supplied with your Canister or Jumbo order of TensorGrip H30. Note that Kick Off Kits are not supplied with Aerosol products.


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