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Tensorgrip is...

Fast Production

TensorGrip adhesives are packaged in canisters to harness the power of leading edge technology. This combined with fast acting, high grade adhesives can speed your production up in four ways:

  1. Fast tack. Each adhesive is tack ready in 5-120 seconds.
  2. High green strength. Bond strength can be noticed immediately.
  3. No extra equipment. No air compressors, 20L drums or pot guns are required.
  4. Minimal clean up and maintenance.
Ordio Adhesives | TensorGrip | Tack Off Time

A Healthier Workplace

TensorGrip doesn’t atomise. Because the system uses aerosol technology, all of the adhesive you spray reaches the substrate.

TensorGrip has a low solvent content. When it hits your substrate, it evaporates immediately.

Ordio Adhesives | TensorGrip | Aerosol

Boosted Profitability

100% of the adhesive in a canister is used. There is no waste with TensorGrip.

Ordio Adhesives | TensorGrip | Waste

Easy To Use

TensorGrip has easily adjustable spray patterns to suit any application. It is portable for onsite jobs, fast to apply and easy to clean.

Ordio Adhesives | TensorGrip | Ease of Use

Free Setup

TensorGrip adhesives save you the hassle of setup costs when you change your adhesive type.

Every first time purchase of a TensorGrip Canister comes with a free kick off kit that contains everything you need to get started using your adhesive right away.

The Kick off kit contains a gun and hose to connect to your canister, along with an adjustable spanner, laminate roller and spare manual so you can get the best performance from your TensorGrip adhesive.

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